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Green Card Insurance

If you’re driving across Europe or further afield, you may want to look into dedicated Green Card cover ahead of your trip. This motor insurance certificate is proof that a motorist has adequate cover for the country they are travelling in. Sterling’s prices start from £295.

Green Card insurance from just £295!

Why should I choose Green Card cover with Sterling?

Whether you’re planning on motoring through the European Union on a short break or an extended trip beyond Europe, you may want to explore Sterling’s Green Card before you leave. Our Green Card is an internationally recognised product.

A Green Card is documented proof a British motorist has adequate insurance cover for the country they are driving in. You’ll need this to drive through the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA), Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Switzerland.

Sterling has access to various insurance providers to find the best deal for Insurance. Your vehicle must be UK-registered and we can arrange travel documents before your departure.

We also offer Green Cards for Non-European countries including Morocco, Russia and Turkey.

The benefits of getting a policy with Sterling

  • Prices start from £295
  • Cover available for any UK-registered vehicle
  • Green Cards can be issued for EU countries and beyond
  • Options for short term cover (one, two or three months) and long term (annual)
  • For drivers aged 21 years or over
  • Relevant travel documents can be issued prior to departure
  • European breakdown cover, keycare, misfuelling, windscreen (optional extras)
  • Free legal cover up to £100,000
  • Claims hotline open 24/7


Do I need a green card post-Brexit?

From 1st January 2021, you’re required to carry a green card with you when you travel in the EU. If you’re planning to drive in Europe, be sure to check that you’ve got all the necessary travel documents before you go abroad.

Make sure that your green card has at least 15 days left on it before you travel to Europe. Even if you’re going on a day trip, you’ll need at least 15 days’ cover.

Can I travel to and from the Republic of Ireland?

Those travelling to the Republic of Ireland will need to carry a green card with them, as well as all the other necessary documents required, such as a V5C logbook. Like any car journey, it’s also important to ensure that you’ve got a valid driving licence and you’re insured to drive in the EU.

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Whether you’re calling for a quote or want to make a claim, our staff are based in the UK and ready for your call.

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