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Cheap Limited Mileage Insurance Cover!

If you drive fewer than 7,500 miles a year, you could be eligible for low mileage car insurance. This policy helps you save money on your car insurance. Find out more by giving us a call.

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Rated ‘Great’ based on 10,316 reviews
Affordable limited mileage insurance here!

What is considered low mileage for car insurance?

As a general rule, driving under 7,500 miles a year is considered a low number of miles to drive.

Give us a call if you’re not sure you fit this description.

The benefits of getting low mileage insurance with Sterling

  • Black box can be fitted easily by you: no technicians necessary
  • Device doesn’t monitor the way you’re driving unless you make a claim
  • Helps you save money on your car insurance
  • We alert you in 10% increments of how much mileage used

Frequently asked questions

Essentially, you’ll be given a black box that measures the number of miles you do. Unlike our black box insurance, all this black box measures is how many miles you do, though the stored data can be used to back up your claim if necessary.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps to set up your limited mileage black box:

  1. Fit the box to your windscreen as soon as you receive it
  2. Start driving!

You’ll receive alerts for 10% increments in your mileage, and will be given a warning when you reach 90% of your mileage limit. And don’t worry: you’ll be able to add extra miles should your circumstances change, though please note you could face charges for this.

Limited mileage insurance benefits a number of people, especially if you only use your vehicle for local journeys or infrequent trips. Available alongside our black box insurance or as a separate policy, this is a great way of reducing insurance costs while enjoying the freedom of owning a car.

If you’ll drive approximately the same number of miles as you did last year, check your previous MOT certificate as the number of miles you did will be recorded there.

Alternatively, if this is the first time driving a car or your routine has changed, work out approximately how many miles you’ll likely drive in a week and times the number by 52.

Don’t worry if you under or overestimate the number of miles; just let us know if you think you’ll go over or be under the specified miles and we can adjust your policy accordingly.

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How do I get an insurance quote from Sterling?

Call for our best deals

We think our quotation service is one of the swiftest in the business and your policy will be issued on the same day you agree the deal.

Our best policies and prices for car insurance do not appear on price comparison sites and are not available online.

Help is here when you need it

Sterling’s claim line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you ever need to make a claim give us a ring. Someone will be there for you at the other end.

Our staff are based in the UK

Whether you’re calling for a quote or want to make a claim, our staff are based in the UK and ready for your call.

As soon as you agree the policy terms, your insurance can be issued on the same day.

30 years’ experience in the industry

Our senior staff have been working in the insurance industry for 30 years.

It means we can help if you need to find cover for situations or circumstances that are a bit more specialist.

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Get a quote with us!

It's easy.

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