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self-build camper
  1. Campervan
2nd November 2023

Couple’s year-long European road trip in a self-build campervan

Toying with the idea of converting a van into a luxury camper? Find out how one couple did just that and now they are on a year-long European tour with their pet cat Lola.

best campervans
  1. Campervan
14th August 2023

The best campervans for your summer staycation

More people than ever are considering investing in a campervan in which to holiday. Here the team at Sterling assesses some of the best campers on the market.

campervan cooking
  1. Campervan
17th May 2023

Campervan cooking: How to get the most out of your camper kitchen

This blog explains how to get the best out of your tiny campervan kitchen while remaining cool as a cucumber, rather than hot under the collar.

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