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Car Insurance for expats in France
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Expat Car Insurance

British expats can still drive their UK-registered vehicle in the country they now call ‘home’ with Sterling’s Expat Car Insurance policies. We can cover your car, van, or campervan for the roads if you now live in Spain, France, Portugal or Switzerland. Prices start from £325

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Rated 'Great' based on 9,820 reviews
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Rated ‘Great’ based on 9,820 reviews
Expat Car insurance from just £325!

Why choose Sterling’s Expat Insurance?

Many UK residents who relocate abroad would like to take their car in the UK with them when they go. It’s what they feel most comfortable driving, whether it’s to explore the region of their new home or visit friends and family still living in the UK.

Sterling has access to many insurance companies so you can find the best deal for your policy. Sterling’s expat cover offers truly international car insurance and, as long as your UK-registered car is used abroad for at least eight months of the year, we’ll provide insurance cover to use your car, van or campervan on European roads.

Whether you’ve chosen to move abroad for your retirement, for work, or for a different way of life, Sterling has expat policies that can suit your needs and will be there at the other end of the phone line 24/7, should the need arise.

Don’t forget, if you need to make an accident claim you’ll be a foreigner with a foreign driving licence so won’t it be good to know one of Britain’s largest independent insurance brokers is on your side?

We want to help reduce the worry and red tape when you come to take your UK car to Europe. And, because we cover you home and abroad, you won’t have to worry about temporary car insurance when you return to visit family and friends in the UK.

Call us direct – our best prices are usually only available over the phone.

The benefits of getting a policy with Sterling

  • Prices start from as little as £325 a year
  • Cover for expats living in Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerland and through the European Union Area
  • Travel for additional countries outside the EUA is possible
  • We cover all types of car, van, camper and motorhome, left hand drives too
  • Legal protection up to £100,000 is included as standard
  • European breakdown cover, keycare, misfuelling and windscreen cover are all available as optional extras
  • Our claims hotline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Check out our Expats insurance policies

Which countries do you offer cover in?

Czech Republic
Republic of Cyprus

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Even better deals over the phone

UK residents thinking of moving abroad can get an even better deal on their insurance over the phone. Many of our policies are exclusive to Sterling insurance. They do not feature on price comparison websites and do not appear online.

We will compare policies and levels of cover to suit your circumstances and come up with the best price for you. And, if you are new to Sterling and have previously been insured by a company in your new country of residence, we may even be able to take your foreign no claims bonus into consideration when working out your premium.

Call 0344 381 9990 to find out how much you can save (existing customers 0344 381 9990). One quick call can save you a heap of cash

Help is here when you need it

Sterling’s UK claim line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Isn’t it comforting to know that if you ever need to make a claim, whether an accident is your fault or a third party’s, someone will be here for you at the other end of the phone?

There will be less stress too because they will be an experienced claim call handler who will speak your language, understand your needs and concerns and know just how to help.

Our staff are based in the UK

Whether you’re calling for a quote on your new expat motor insurance or want to make a claim, our staff are based in the UK and are ready for your call.

As soon as you agree on the terms of your new motor insurance policy, your insurance documents can be issued on the same day. And, if need be, they can be transferred digitally for your convenience.

30 years’ experience in the industry

Our senior staff have been working in the insurance industry for more than 30 years.

We are experienced UK insurers and we will be able to help if you need to find cover for situations or circumstances that are a little more specialist.

Customised and modified cars, left hand drive cars and classic cars will not be a problem!

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