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Black Box Insurance

Sterling offers black box insurance, which rewards safe driving and could cut your premiums by up to 60%. Perfect for young drivers facing insurance premiums in the £1,000s.

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Rated 'Great' based on 9,820 reviews

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Rated Great
Rated ‘Great’ based on 9,820 reviews
Cheap black box car insurance available!

What is black box insurance and how does it work?

Black box insurance, otherwise known as telematics insurance, calculates your premiums according to the way you drive.

Essentially, this could help to reduce your premiums if you drive safely.

With Sterling’s black box insurance, you’ll get daily feedback on the way you’ve driven, allowing you to correct your mistakes on the road.

The benefits of getting telematics insurance with Sterling

  • We don’t give you a curfew or increase premiums if you drive at night
  • Black box acts as a phone and locator in the event of an emergency
  • Device can be installed yourself, saving time and money on fitting
  • Low-mileage policy available, with opportunity to increase mileage if necessary
  • No hidden charges throughout the year unless you want to increase mileage

Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re a young or new driver, or you’re simply facing higher insurance premiums than you would like, black box insurance can help you prove that you drive safely.

Whilst you might have heard that black boxes are restrictive, we aim to make ours as unrestrictive as possible. You can drive whatever time of day or night it is. That means no curfews and no increased premiums simply because you drove at a certain time.

With Sterling, we give you daily updates on your driving through our app, giving you plenty of time to correct any mistakes and still save on your insurance premiums.

If you’re ever involved in an accident, you can speak to someone directly through the black box. As it’s GPS enabled, it can locate you and send your details to the emergency services for faster response time. And if the accident wasn’t your fault, the data we collect can be used as proof in your claim.

No. We understand that sometimes you’ll need to drive at unsociable hours, whether it’s for work, to see friends, or in an emergency, but this doesn’t make you a bad driver. We never give you a curfew, full stop. Don’t worry, you won’t find an asterisk here.

Unlike other telematics devices, you won’t have to wait for an engineer to fit the box for you or pay extra for installation. Everything can be set up yourself in a few simple steps:

  1. Fit the box to your windscreen as soon as you receive it
  2. Download and log into the FluxScore app
  3. Sign the “FluxScore declaration”
  4. Start driving!

If you only use your vehicle for local journeys or infrequent trips, you might benefit from our limited mileage policies. Available on our black box insurance, this is a great way of reducing insurance costs while enjoying the freedom of owning a car. Speak to us now for more details.

As our app offers daily updates to measure how you’re driving, you might see a slight increase in the projected amount of your overall premiums. However, if you drive safely for the rest of the year, that one day likely won’t impact your premiums very much and you could still save on your insurance at the end of the year.

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How do I get an insurance quote from Sterling?

Our staff are based in the UK

Whether you’re calling for a quote or want to make a claim, our staff are based in the UK and ready for your call.

As soon as you agree the policy terms, your insurance can be issued on the same day.

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Our senior staff have been working in the insurance industry for 30 years.

It means we can help if you need to find cover for situations or circumstances that are a bit more specialist.

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