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Mazda Bongo Insurance

Although they weren’t manufactured for the UK, the Mazda Bongo has made it into the country as a grey import and is considered a great van to convert into an affordable campervan with decent specs. If you’ve purchased one, call us for a Mazda Bongo insurance quote. We offer affordable cover that can be tailored to your needs.

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Rated 'Great' based on 10,316 reviews
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Rated ‘Great’ based on 10,316 reviews
Mazda Bongo Insurance from just £195!

What insurance group is a Mazda Bongo?

Mazda Bongos are usually found in lower insurance groups ranging from 1 to 20. This makes them a fairly affordable option to insure.

How much is Mazda Bongo insurance?

As Mazda Bongos are found in fairly low insurance groups, the cost of Mazda Bongo insurance is usually quite affordable. However, the cost of your insurance will also depend on a number of other factors, including:

  • Where you live
  • How you use the van
  • How often you use the van
  • The level of cover you take out

Which Mazda Bongos can you insure?

We offer insurance for all types of Mazda Bongos, whether you own a Mazda Bongo Friendee or a converted Mazda Bongo camper. Call us for a quote.

The benefits of getting a Mazda Bongo insurance policy with Sterling

  • Prices start from £195 a year
  • Cover for all Mazda Bongo makes and models
  • Personal possession cover
  • European cover included for up to 90 days (longer trips can be covered)
  • Wide range of optional extras, including breakdown cover, camping gear cover, keycare and misfueling cover
  • Claims hotline open 24/7

Prices start from £195 a year

Speak to us if you want to cover your imported Mazda Bongo at a low price. Quotes start from just £195 a year.

Cover for all Mazda Bongo makes and models

No matter the Mazda Bongo model or how much you’ve modified it, we can help you find affordable Mazda Bongo insurance that suits your needs.

Personal possession cover

If you’re travelling the UK or the world in your Mazda Bongo, you’ll probably be travelling with some valuables and important possessions. We can cover personal possessions with a value of up to £2,000 on your trip.

And even if the policy doesn’t cover your personal effects, don’t worry. We have an additional product that covers personal possessions with a value of up to £2,500 for just £26.99 extra.

European cover included for up to 90 days (longer trips can be covered)

Planning a trip to Europe? Up to 90 days of cover in Europe is included as standard, plus we can offer cover for longer trips too – just call us for a quote.

Wide range of optional extras available

Our policies are designed so they can be adapted to your needs. So whether you need cover for breakdowns, camping gear, keycare or misfuelling, let us know and we can help.

Claims hotline open 24/7

Whenever you need us, we’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Frequently asked questions

Prices for Sterling’s Mazda Bongo insurance is so competitive it will get you in the mood for a holiday. But there are ways you can save even more money:

  • Agree a limited mileage deal. If you will only drive short trips away, let us know as this may lead to savings.
  • Get a discount on a multi-car policy. If your Mazda Bongo is one of a number of vehicles you own, explore a multi-vehicle policy as it could lead to savings.
  • Consider short-term cover. It could be the perfect length of time for your holiday, and a cheaper insurance option.
  • Fit security measures on your vehicle. Adding security alarms or trackers can reduce the price of your Mazda insurance premium.  
  • Join a camper owners club if you’re driving an iconic model. You could qualify for a 20% discount if you are a member of an owners club.

Getting a quote couldn’t be any easier.

Sterling does the hard work for you

We think our quotation service is one of the swiftest in the business and your policy will be issued on the same day you agree the deal.

Let us compare the prices with the levels of cover. We’ll take quotes from multiple insurance providers to ensure you get the very best deal.

Help is here when you need it

Sterling’s claim line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If an insurance customer needs to make a claim, we’ll be here for you. Be assured there will be a sympathetic ear at the end of the phone.

Our staff are based in the UK

Whether you’re calling for a quote or want to make a claim, our staff are based in the UK and ready for your call.

As soon as you agree the policy terms, your insurance can be issued on the same day.

30 years’ experience in the industry

Our senior staff have been working in the insurance industry for 30 years.

It means we can help if you need to find cover for situations or circumstances that are a bit more specialist.

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