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6th June 2024

Can you take your campervan or caravan to Glastonbury?

In this blog, we tell you all about travelling to Glastonbury in a campervan or caravan.

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Glastonbury is more than just a music festival at this point, with thousands flocking to Somerset to enjoy the world-renowned event’s iconic headliners and incredible showcases of art. 

It’s legendary for a reason, but sleeping in a tent isn’t for everyone, so it’s not shocking that many Glasto-goers would prefer a more comfortable way of camping, like a campervan or caravan. 

The question is, can you actually take a campervan or caravan to Glastonbury Festival? In this blog, we answer that plus how else you can make the most out of your Glasto experience.

Bringing a campervan or caravan to Glastonbury

Luckily, you are allowed to take your campervan or caravan (or motorhome) to Glastonbury, but there are a few hoops you’ll have to jump through in order to do this.

Firstly, there are specific campervan/caravan tickets that you will have to get in order to bring yours to the festival. You are limited to one ticket per overall transaction. 

You will also have to book where you will be pitching your vehicle. There are four different pitches to select from.

East General Campervans – This can be found via the blue route.

Bath & West Campervans Regular Pitch – This is found in the Bath & West Showground and has a 24-hour shuttle bus service to the festival’s main site for free.

East Quiet Campervans/ Hired, Delivered Vehicle Pitches – Also on the blue route but closer to the main site. Better for families and those who need easier access. 

Bath & West Campervans Large Pitch – If your vehicle is bigger than 8m, you will have to select this one and pay a little extra. This one is located on the white route. 
It is noted on the official Glastonbury website that the special campervan tickets are always very high in demand, so make sure you know when they’re released so you can plan ahead.

Can you reserve a pitch?

You can’t reserve a pitch or two pitches next to each other if you have friends who are also bringing a campervan/caravan. The pitches are allocated on the day and it’s first come, first served. 

Are you allowed to bring hired campervans or caravans?

As long as you have the correct tickets and they fit within the size guidelines, hired vehicles are allowed into the Glastonbury site.

How do you purchase campervan tickets for Glastonbury?

Glastonbury is the type of event that can lead to third-party sellers taking advantage of the high demand for tickets. To avoid pricey or dodgy resold tickets, it is best to go to the official Glastonbury website to buy your tickets for that year. 

Tickets go on sale around eight months in advance with official waves of reselling occurring throughout the year. We recommend checking when the release dates fall beforehand, be that via the official site or the official Glastonbury Instagram, so you don’t miss out. 

Tickets are non-transferable and you will have to register before purchasing, making sure your tickets are under your name. The official site recommends you register a few weeks in advance to avoid the registration closure when tickets are on sale. 

Campervan tickets (which also count for caravans and motorhomes) specifically, are only up for grabs to general admission ticket holders and are sold separately on a different date for regular tickets – so keep an eye out for the date too!

The cost of bringing a campervan or caravan to Glastonbury

The price of campervan tickets for Glastonbury may change each year, but, for an estimate of what you’ll be paying, the 2024 tickets cost £200 for a standard pitch and £300 for a large pitch. 

You will also need to bear in mind the cost of fuel for your journey, plus any extras you may need to purchase for your Glastonbury trip. 

Is it easy to access the campervan/caravan fields?

When you enter the campsite areas, there should be clear signage to follow so you know where you need to head. For the blue route, you’d obviously follow the blue signs, and for the white route, you’d follow those coloured signs. 

The blue route is found on the A37 from the North or South, and if you’re coming from the East, the A361. You can come from the A37 and then turn onto the A371 to correctly access the white route. 

You will need your ticket to enter the campsite, but also a clear display of the colour of your route displayed on your vehicle (preferably on the window). You’ll then be given your pass that you show to field stewards.

When can you enter the campervan fields?

This can change each year, so it is best to double check the official website, but typically, the campsite will open around noon on the first day of the festival. You won’t be able to gain entry before that. 

On the last day of the festival, the blue route becomes a one-way route after 2pm to keep the leaving process as organised as possible and prevent anyone driving back into the campsite after that point. 

Is the festival far from the campervan site?

Luckily, the walk from the East campervan site is only around 10-20 minutes. The Bath & West Showground is more accessible in distance and has a free shuttle bus service to the main site. 

Can you park your car next to your campervan?

If there is space within your pitch, then yes. Other members of your party that come separately in their car will have to purchase a car parking ticket and park in the designated car park.

Are you allowed tents next to your campervan or caravan?

Again, if it fits within your assigned pitch and isn’t adjacent to a vehicle, yes. The same rules apply for purpose-built, manufacturer-made trailer tents, roof tents, and awnings. 

Our top tips for going to Glastonbury in a campervan or caravan

To take the stress out of your Glastonbury trip, we’ve put together a list of tips to keep in mind before you travel.

1. Bring the right gear

It can be tempting to bring everything, including the kitchen sink, when you pack your campervan or caravan for Glastonbury, especially as you’ll have more room than those travelling with their tent. To avoid overpacking, this checklist should help you out:

  • A cooler for drinks and food
  • Any required food and beverages, plus other ingredients for campervan cooking
  • Travel bedding/sleeping bags and pillows
  • Bin bags and cleaning supplies 
  • Kitchen roll and toilet paper – just in case
  • Camping furniture 
  • Clothing, blankets and towels 
  • First aid kit
  • Small, handy appliances like a travel fan or cooker
  • A portable safe for valuables
  • Windbreaks
  • A portable charger 
  • Cash or cards so you can pay for things on site 
  • The camping classic, a flashlight

2. Arrive as early as possible

It would be an understatement to say Glastonbury is a very popular event. Getting there early is the best way to ensure that you have all the time that you want to get in and set up. 

3. Note where your pitch is

We’ve all gotten turned around in a car park and lost our parking space. Now, imagine that on a larger scale. To focus on all the fun that Glastonbury has to offer, write down your pitch location to help you remember later.

4. Careful with your valuables

If you’re not able to bring a travel safe with you, it’s best that you don’t leave any valuables in your campervan or caravan. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to camping. 

Protecting your campervan and caravan 

Whether you’re planning on dancing the night away to some world class music or you’re just there to experience the daytime acts at Glastonbury, you’ll want to ensure that your campervan or caravan is covered. 

Sterling’s campervan insurance offers protection for all types of models, for whatever journeys you plan on taking in it. We even offer specific insurance for VW campers.
You can call our advisors on 0344 381 9990, or book a free call back at a time that’s convenient for you.

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