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Green Card Monaco

Monaco on the French Riviera is the playground of the rich and famous with its sun-blessed climate, casinos and fantastic French gastronomy. If you’re planning on driving there, you may want to look into Sterling’s Green Card insurance for your journey. Our prices start from £350.

Green Card insurance from just £350!

Why should I choose Green Card cover with Sterling?

Depending on the policy, standard car insurance can include European cover for a short period of time. At Sterling, for example, our motoring policies include European cover for up to 30 days.

A Green Card is documented proof a British motorist has adequate insurance cover for the country they are driving in. It is currently optional for the EU, European Economic Area (EEA), Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland – but is likely to become compulsory if the UK leaves the EU with a No-Deal Brexit.

Monaco is part of the EU customs union, but is not part of the European Union. So if you are driving there from the UK, you may want to consider dedicated Green Card cover for your own peace of mind. It is definitely required if you will be in Europe for longer than your standard car insurance will cover you for.

The benefits of getting a policy with Sterling

Prices start from £350
Cover available for any UK-registered vehicle
Green Cards can be issued for EU countries and beyond
Options for short term cover (one, two or three months) and long term (annual)
Relevant travel documents can be issued prior to departure
For drivers aged 21 years or over
Legal protection up to £100,000 included
European breakdown cover, keycare, windscreen (optional extras)
Claims hotline open 24/7

Prices start from £350

Sterling compares prices from a panel of insurance companies so you get the very best deal. Short term Green Card cover of one, two or three months as well as longer term annual policies are available. Cover is for drivers aged 21 years or over, and cover for newly qualified drivers is possible.

Green Cards for EU countries, and beyond

You can motor around Europe, and even explore further afield. There’s no end of possibilities for your next adventure, so take a look at other countries where our Green Card Insurance can cover you. Make it the trip of a lifetime.

Legal protection up to £100,000 included

Our legal cover is a standard feature in our car insurance policies. So if you are ever involved in an accident that isn’t your fault, it can help you recover any out of pocket legal expenses afterwards.

Cover for any UK-registered vehicle

Sterling can arrange a European Green Card to drive any UK-registered vehicle, whether you’re driving a car, van, motorhome or campervan to Monaco. Phone one of our experts who will find a quote that works for you and your needs.

European breakdown cover, keycare, windscreen (optional extras)

If you happen to break down in Europe during your travels, our European breakdown cover can help you get back on the road. We also offer keycare, and windscreen as optional extras with our policies.

Call us for the best deal

Our best policies do not appear on comparison sites and are not available online. Pick up the phone and call us for the very best deals on offer. Let us do the work and find Green Card cover for you.

Get a quote with us!

It's easy.

What else can be included with Sterling’s motor insurance?*

  • Cover for all car insurance groups, including left-hand drive, classic cars and modified cars.
  • Uninsured loss recovery for non-fault claims.
  • Modifications price-matched on a like-for-like basis.
  • Independent agreed value cover available.
  • Salvage retention options after an accident.
  • Cover for dismantled parts.

*Subject to policy selection

Is there advice for motorists who need Green Card Insurance?

  • Get your Green Card paperwork organised in plenty of time before departure.
  • Make sure the Green Card is valid for all the countries you are driving in.
  • The Green Card documentation must have a minimum of 15 days cover from the date of travel.
  • Motorists must travel with a printed copy of the Green Card paperwork – and it must be on green paper to be valid.  
  • Keep up with the Government guidance if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 31 October 2019.

What is Green Card insurance?

Green Card insurance is an internationally recognised certificate of insurance that confirms the visiting motorists have the minimum compulsory cover required by the law of the country visited.

Who needs Green Card insurance?

If you’re planning a driving trip to Europe, you will want to feel confident that you have the right insurance cover in the event of an accident. Sterling can offer Green Card insurance to drivers aged 21 years or over, and also newly qualified drivers.

With the uncertainty of Brexit, will my annual Sterling Green Card policy remain valid after Britain leaves the EU?

Yes, it will. When you buy Green Card insurance, it will remain valid throughout the duration of the policy.

So whether the UK is in or out of the European Union, you will be covered if you’re motoring through Europe.

Visit GOV.UK for the latest travel information, including details about whether you will need an international driving permit.

Is a Green Card a legal requirement?

It is not currently a legal requirement in many countries to have a Green Card, but it will give you peace of mind and make things much easier if you need to make a claim or exchange details with another driver or the police.

Why visit Moldova?

Monaco is a fascinating destination. Located on the stunning French Riviera, 30% of its population are said to be millionaires with high expectations. You can travel down for the Monaco Grand Prix or try your luck on the gaming tables of Monte Carlo Casino.

If you’re in a car, van or camper, it takes around 12 hours to drive to the region from Calais. So ensure your trip becomes the experience of a lifetime and include Monaco in your travel itinerary.

How do I get a Green Card insurance quote from Sterling?

Even better deals over the phone

Our best policies and prices do not appear on price comparison sites and are not available online.

So let us compare prices with the levels of cover available. We’ll get quotes from multiple insurance providers to ensure you get the very best deal.

Help is here when you need it

Sterling’s UK claim line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you ever need to make a claim, someone will be here for you at the other end of the phone.

Our staff are based in the UK

Whether you’re calling for a quote or want to make a claim, our staff are based in the UK and ready for your call.

As soon as you agree the policy terms, your insurance can be issued on the same day.

30 years’ experience in the industry

Our senior staff have been working in the insurance industry for 30 years.

It means we can help if you need to find cover for situations or circumstances that are a bit more specialist.

Get a quote with us!

It's easy.

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