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2nd November 2021

The ultimate guide to car breakdown cover

It’s cheap, it’s quick and you can get Europe-wide coverage. Find out why Sterling breakdown cover for your car, van or camper is a no-brainer.

Car Insurance from just £125 per year

Many people don’t consider car breakdown cover until it’s too late and they are already having trouble with their car.

But if you want to avoid the inconvenience of lengthy delays during your journey and emergency road-side repairs or recovery that will cost you an arm and a leg, finding reliable car breakdown cover is a no-brainer.

Here on behalf of the team at breakdown and recovery specialists Sterling Rescue, Ronan Hart answers all your frequently asked questions about breakdown cover. 

breakdown cover

Photo by Paulo Henrique from Pexels.

How much does Sterling breakdown insurance cost?

Sterling’s breakdown cover is available from £25.42 a year. Compared with motorway towing charges of around £150, the £90 average garage call out charge and the £66 average call out charge for a flat battery – it makes perfect sense to get breakdown insurance.

Where does Sterling breakdown insurance cover me?

We can arrange roadside recovery or a reliable home repair service whether your car or van breaks down in the UK, Europe or further afield. 

Can I get European breakdown cover?

Sterling breakdown cover can come and rescue you throughout the European Union and in other countries such as Russia that are not part of the EU economic zone. 

What if my car won’t start at home?

If your vehicle fails to start or breaks down at home, or within one mile of your home, Sterling Rescue will arrange the call-out and labour charges. The vehicle will be transported to the nearest available local garage if the repairs cannot be carried out quickly.

How quickly will a mechanic arrive after I call?

Sterling Rescue can call on a network of 1,800 breakdown recovery specialists and local garages so we can help no matter where you break down and at whatever time. Our service and emergency lines operate around the clock. 

Our trained staff are equipped with the most up to date mapping technology to provide a fast and efficient service when you need it most. Actual response times do vary depending on the time of day and location, but we aim to get someone to you in 45-90 minutes after your call. 

What if they can’t fix the problem? 

If we can’t fix your vehicle on the roadside, vehicle recovery for the driver and up to five passengers will be arranged.

Does my car breakdown cover include my caravan too? 

Under Sterling Rescue, if your vehicle breaks down any attached caravan will be entitled to the same service.  

What about my trailer? 

A small trailer used for private purposes that is less than 10ft long is offered exactly the same protection as your caravan. 

What can go wrong with a caravan or trailer?

The frequency of breakdowns occurring on caravans and trailers is much higher than cars. Neither of these are subject to an annual check such as an MOT and because they normally don’t cover many miles and sit idle for long periods, tyres tend to perish.

If customers don’t change the tyres on a regular basis, punctures occur and often trailers don’t carry spare tyres. Trailers can be overloaded, they are often not well maintained and boat trailers suffer from wheel bearing failure where they’ve been immersed in salt water.

If one of our clients with breakdown cover has a puncture we would send a tyre specialist and get them back on their way.

Does my car’s age affect the cost of my breakdown cover?

Sterling Rescue breakdown risk rates cars by their age — as the car gets older the cost of cover increases. This is because cars develop faults and suffer from wear and tear the older they get.

breakdown cover

Photo by from Pexels.

What if someone else breaks down while driving my car?

Sterling’s breakdown cover applies to the vehicle, rather than the driver. So the policy remains valid even if another family member or friend is driving when the breakdown happens. This includes call-out, roadside assistance and vehicle recovery.

What can I do if I’ve had a breakdown but don’t have cover?

Don’t panic if your vehicle breaks down or isn’t starting. Prices for Sterling Rescue instant breakdown cover start from £173.60. Of course, it’s more economical and makes sense to plan ahead, but sometimes you don’t think about breakdown insurance until you need it. So call us on 0344 381 9959 so we can arrange immediate breakdown cover for you.

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