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23rd October 2020

Eight unexpected ways you can use short term Insurance

There are plenty of reasons you might need short term car insurance, from an impromptu holiday to collecting a new car.

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There’s never a good time to be caught unprepared, especially during these turbulent times. From late-night supermarket trips to garden centre hauls, having a car has never provided more security or freedom. 

Understanding the need for flexibility, Sterling has created a short term app, designed to offer flexible car cover for every conceivable – and inconceivable – circumstance. So, just how can short term car Insurance be of use to you? The short answer is: in so many ways. We’ve rounded up eight scenarios where quick cover can be incredibly useful to have.

1. Swapping drivers on long road trips 

When arranging a quick getaway or organise a long trip, the UK’s glorious coastlines and countryside should be your first port of call. Short term Insurance can allow you to swap drivers on the move, ensuring your trip is as comfortable and safe as possible.

There are plenty of reasons you might need short term car insurance, from an impromptu holiday to collecting a new car.

2. Hiring a car if you live in or are visiting a city 

While most cities will have decent public transport, there’s no substitute for the comfort and freedom driving can give you. So, when you’re visiting a new city and want to explore the length and breadth, or maybe help a friend safely move house, having temporary cover gives you freedom.

3. Being able to take over driving in an emergency situation 

Hopefully you won’t be in an emergency situation but if you do end up in a scenario where a friend has injured themselves or your driver becomes incapacitated in any way, short term Insurance will allow you to take the wheel and take control of the situation.

4. Students borrowing a friend or family member’s car when home

Maintaining freedom is likely to be a top priority for students when they come home between terms or for the holidays, and temporary cover can provide that freedom quickly and effortlessly. 

5. Learner drivers picking up their car after passing the test 

If you’ve just passed your driving test (congratulations!) you’ll need to go and pick up your first car. Simply persuade a friend – who has held a licence for 2 years – to drive you or sit next to you while you drive (eeek), secure short term Insurance on the car and you’re good to hit the road. 

6. Renting a car for a staycation 

Booking a staycation is practically self-care these days and often plans are made last-minute, so having the ability to get up and go is essential. So, if you don’t own a car, short term Insurance can give you that freedom. 

7. Renting a luxury or classic car for a special occasion 

Whether you’re arranging a car for a wedding or hiring one for a surprise birthday present, renting a luxury or classic car is a treat everyone should get to experience, and temporary cover will provide the peace of mind to do so.

8. Test driving cars if you’re an influencer, blogger or vlogger

If you’re lucky enough to be a influencer or blogger who has contacts in the automotive industry, you’ll want temporary cover to ensure you can create great content of you whizzing around the tracks, #sponsored. 

Find out more information and download the Sterling short term app by clicking here.

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