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20th June 2023

The true cost of not having breakdown cover

Breakdown insurance can cost from as little as £25.42 a year but if your car breaks down and you don't have cover it could cost you much more. This blog explores the true cost of not having breakdown cover.

Car Insurance from just £125 per year

According to research, one in three cars will break down over the next 12 months. Breaking down will cost you hundreds of pounds, which makes having breakdown cover an even more sensible option.

The cost of breaking down without breakdown cover vs. with Sterling Rescue

breakdown cover

As well as the inconvenience of being stranded on the side of the road and the worry of finding someone reliable to come to your rescue, there are all sorts of other costs associated with breaking down: 

  • It can cost from £75 to hire a recovery vehicle. That figure could rise to £85 after 6pm and at weekends or £90-£110 on bank holidays
  • The garage recovering your vehicle will probably charge you £1.50 or more a mile for car towing. 
  • If the police are called to recover your vehicle from a motorway they will charge you £150 for towing a car. Stoarage costs £20 a day
  • If your car can’t be repaired the same day and you are a distance from home, a hotel will likely cost you £80-£120 per night 
  • Depending what has caused your breakdown you could face a bill of hundreds of pounds for parts and labour charges of £70-£90 an hour to solve the problem

Compare those charges with annual Sterling Rescue breakdown cover, which can cost from as little as £25.42 a year. And if you break down and you don’t already have breakdown cover, you can get instant cover from as little as £173.60 a year.

Sterling breakdown insurance will cover you at home, anywhere in the UK and wherever within the EU. If they can’t fix your car at the roadside they provide an excellent towing service to get you to a garage. Give us a call on 0344 381 9959 for more information.

Why should I get breakdown cover?

Besides the cost savings, breakdown cover offers peace of mind, which you can’t really put a price on.

With Sterling Rescue, our customers know that all they need to do is call us if they get into any trouble and we can send an approved breakdown recovery specialist directly to their location. Our help lines are open 24 hours a day. 

Here’s just one of our recent reviews: “At a time when I was stressed and in a scary situation at the side of the M1 the Sterling Rescue call handler put my mind at ease and went that extra mile to get me a garage to come and change the tyre on my Winnebago. She deserves a medal.”

If you’re still not convinced about the good sense of getting reliable breakdown insurance, read our ultimate guide to car breakdown cover and bearing in mind that prevention is better than cure, this blog helps  discover the eight most common causes of breakdown and how to avoid them.

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