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9th July 2020

Testing time as driving lessons get the green light

Driving lessons and theory tests resumed on 4 July but this is what you can expect to encounter in lessons after lockdown.

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Driving lessons and theory tests resumed on 4 July as the country relaxed after almost four months of coronavirus lockdown. But if learners and instructors are to maintain social distancing and stay safe they are going to have to hold driving lessons in a very different learning environment. 

driving lessons

What learner drivers can expect in the months ahead

While driving lessons and theory tests resumed on 4 July, practical tests will not begin again until 22 July. 

The lockdown and ban on driving lessons from the beginning of March means instructors, and their trainees, have a lot of catching up to do. Each day during lockdown around 4,500 driving tests were postponed. Add to the mix the 2,000 people each day who have turned 17 and it will be clear to see how busy driving instructors are going to be in the coming months. 

With the anticipated rush for driving lessons, some people will inevitably be disappointed. And driving schools are likely to prioritise customers who have a series of lessons pre-booked. That not only means you may jump the queue, but you will get the best price for your lessons too. 

And as for the practicality of lessons, driving schools have put into place all manner of safety precautions.

Car cleaning between driving lessons

Instructors are being advised to “thoroughly” clean vehicles before and after each lesson, “paying particular attention to areas of the car that are touch points, such as door handles.” 

Other measures for instructors include:

  • Wearing clothes that cover arms and legs
  • Wearing face coverings and disposable gloves (to be changed after each lesson)
  • Keeping windows open throughout the lesson to help ventilate airborne particulates

Those taking driving lessons will also be asked to wash their hands before each lesson, to wear disposable gloves and a face covering, and to declare that they are coronavirus symptom-free before taking a lesson. 

Some driving instructors may have also fitted Perspex screens between the driver and passenger seats. 

driving lessons

When lessons and tests will restart

While basic car driving lessons have now restarted, other test services will restart depending on what vehicle you’re learning in or on. Check out the DVSA’s breakdown of when lessons and tests can restart here. There are different dates for Northern Ireland.

Driving lessons, theory tests and driving tests are still suspended in Scotland and Wales, in line with guidance from the devolved administrations.

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