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Modified Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

Cosmetic and performance modifications covered

How to get modified car insurance from Sterling NI

Give us a call

Our best quotes are available over the phone. We’ll do all the legwork for you; just tell us a few details about yourself and your car.

We listen to your needs

You can choose extra benefits such as agreed value cover, breakdown cover, keycare, and windscreen cover.

We ask the right questions

We know the information that makes you more attractive to insurers, allowing us to ask the right questions to ultimately reward you with cover that more accurately reflects your driving history.

Modified Car Insurance for Northern Ireland Residents

We understand modders more than most

We know that if you’ve gone through the process of modifying your vehicle, chances are it holds a special place in your heart and you’ll take extra special care of it. This puts us in a unique position as it allows us to source cover where other companies cannot.

Whichever way you’ve kitted out your car – whether with performance-enhancing mods or a few cosmetic finishing touches – we work with you to find a policy that keeps your vehicle and all its extra bells and whistles in safe hands.

We also offer cover for car shows and meets, as well as track days, tours and rallies.

Why choose Sterling NI for modified car insurance?

There are a number of reasons why you should take out modified car insurance with us:

Cover for any modified vehicle, including modified classics

We are able to cover all types of modified cars, including classic models. So whether you own a modified Porsche 911 or Ford Escort, get a quote from us.

Includes European cover for up to 90 days

Planning a trip in your modified vehicle? Our policies include European cover for up to 90 days. We can also cover longer trips too – let us know if this is something you’d like.

Agreed value cover or like-for-like cover on modifications available

Your car is one of a kind, which is why we offer agreed value cover. We can also insure any modified vehicle on a like-for-like basis.

Optional extras for breakdown, keycare, misfuelling and windscreen cover

We have a range of optional extras that can be added to your policy if needed. This includes breakdown cover, keycare, misfuelling cover and windscreen cover. All policies come with up to £100,000 of legal protection. This helps cover out of pocket expenses if you’re in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

We can accommodate young modifiers

If you’re just starting your car modification journey in Northern Ireland and you’re looking for insurance, give us a call. We understand that if you’ve started modifying your vehicle from a young age, chances are you’re a car enthusiast so you’ll treat your vehicle with the care and attention it deserves.

Which type of insurance should I get?​

Fully comprehensive

This is the highest level of protection you can get and protects you regardless of who is at fault.

Third-party, fire and theft

This covers damage to other people, their cars and their property, as well as your vehicle in the event it gets stolen or damaged by fire.

Third-party only

This will only cover damage to other people, their car, or their property in the event of an incident. This cover is the minimum level of coverage you must get.

Frequently asked questions

Will modifying my car affect my insurance?

In most cases, yes, though the cost of your cover will depend on how you’ve modified your car. It’s important to note that car mods are just one aspect of how your premium is calculated. Many other factors are considered, including your driving history and location, how you’ll use the vehicle, and whether you’re a car club or forum member.

We have access to modified schemes that specialise in modded cars so we can often help you get a quote where others cannot.

Which modifications can you cover?

We can cover all types of legal modifications, including performance and cosmetic mods, as well as those completed to improve mobility for disabled drivers. Just some of the mods we can cover are:


  • Alloy wheels
  • Lowered suspension
  • Body kits
  • Spoilers
  • ECU remaps
  • Air filters
  • Performance exhaust changes
  • Brake upgrades
  • Upgraded seats
  • Upgraded sterling wheels
  • LED lights
Can you cover car adaptations for disabled drivers?

Yes, we can cover modifications that aim to improve the mobility of disabled drivers. This includes:

  • Hand controls
  • Steering aids
  • Left foot accelerators
  • Pedal guards

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