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Learner Driver Insurance in Northern Ireland

Practise between lessons with our cover for learner drivers

How to get learner driver insurance from Sterling NI

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Simply fill in the quote form to get a quote. We’ll just need a few details from you about yourself and the car you want to insure.

Choose from our extras

You can choose extra benefits such as cover for tools, goods or personal belongings, public liability cover, breakdown insurance, keycare, and more.

We ask the right questions

We know the information that makes you more attractive to insurers, allowing us to ask the right questions to ultimately reward you with cover that more accurately reflects your driving history.

Learner Driver Insurance for Northern Ireland Residents from just 77p a day

We’re with you for this exciting first journey

Learning to drive is a rite of passage, the first step in gaining independence to go on your own adventures. Getting private practice with family and friends on the road can be a valuable way of getting more experience on the road ahead of your test.

That’s where our provisional licence insurance for Northern Ireland residents comes in. Our cover can be taken out on a month-to-month basis – perfect for learner drivers with an upcoming test.

Why choose Sterling NI for learner driver insurance?

There are many reasons you should take out learner driver insurance with us:

Prices start from 77p per day

Our cover for provisional licence holders can be purchased from as little as 77p a day. The cover you take out as a learner driver can contribute towards building up a no claims bonus (NCB), which can help reduce your premium in the years to come. We also offer young driver insurance for when you pass your test.

Policies are available for one, two, three, six or 12 months

We can cover you whether your driving test is just around the corner and you want a little extra practice on the roads beforehand or you’ve just started learning to drive. Our policies can be taken out for 30 days, 90 days, six months or 12 months.

Accidents will not affect car owner’s no claims bonus

Some insurance policies will let you be added to your parent’s insurance policy, but this puts their NCB at risk in the event of an accident.

Our learner driver policies are under your name so the car owner’s bonus remains safe and you can build up your own NCB.

Fully comprehensive cover available

All policies are fully comprehensive, and annual policies are also offered as third party, fire and theft. Whatever your needs, the experts at Sterling NI can help you find a policy.

Claims helpline open 24/7

Our claims helpline is open 24/7, every day of the year. If you need to report an incident or register a claim, there’s always someone at the end of the phone. Whatever time it is, someone will be around to take your call day or night.

Which type of insurance should I get?​

Fully comprehensive

This is the highest level of protection you can get and protects you regardless of who is at fault.

Third-party, fire and theft

This covers damage to other people, their cars and their property, as well as your vehicle in the event it gets stolen or damaged by fire.

Third-party only

This will only cover damage to other people, their car, or their property in the event of an incident. This cover is the minimum level of coverage you must get.

Frequently asked questions

Want to pass your driving test in record time?

We’re proud to share our affiliation with the FourFive Learner Driver app, a completely FREE app full of helpful tips, guides and features to help you pass your driving test first time.

The FourFive Learner Driver app is packed full of features, from hazard perception tests and official DVSA theory test questions to masterclasses with driving instructors and information you’ll need after you pass. Find out more about the app and how you can download it on the FourFive Learner Driver page.

Why choose Sterling NI for provisional licence insurance?

Practising outside driving lessons can help you gain confidence and experience on the road. Just some of the benefits of our policies include:

  • Prices start from 77p per day
  • We offer new driver insurance for when you pass
  • Cover available for periods of one, two, three, six or 12 months
  • Accidents involving the learner do not affect the car owner’s NCB where the vehicle belongs to someone else
  • Cover for cars valued up to £20,000 and within insurance groups 0-30
  • Free legal cover up to £100,000 with every policy
How does insurance for learner drivers work?

Learner driver insurance essentially works in the same way as a standard car insurance policy. The quote you receive is based on the information you provide us, and the policy provides insurance cover for the car being driven, whether it belongs to you, a relative or a friend.

The key difference is that the learner driver policy will automatically come to an end the moment you pass your practical driving test. At this point, you will need to take out young or new driver insurance.

How much is learner driver insurance?

This depends on various factors, including where you live and the type of car you’re driving. Our cover starts from 77p a day, so is an affordable option for your first foray into driving.

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