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Learner Driver Insurance in Northern Ireland

Get learner driver insurance for practice between lessons from just 77p a day.

How to get learner driver insurance from Sterling NI

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You can choose extra benefits such as breakdown cover, keycare, and windscreen cover.

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Learner Driver Insurance for Northern Ireland Residents from just 77p a day

Flexible learner driver insurance to suit you

Learning to drive is expensive, especially for young drivers who are new to the roads. Our learner driver insurance for Northern Ireland residents allows you to get extra time on the road outside of your lessons with a driving instructor at an affordable price.

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for most, but the costs involved can cause some people to postpone their driving lessons for months or even years. Getting extra hours on the road with family and friends can be a great way of reducing costs.

Everyone’s learning-to-drive journey is different, which makes it all the more important that your learner driver insurance is adaptable. Our flexible provisional licence insurance for NI residents can be taken out on a month-to-month basis – perfect if you’re on a budget.

Why choose Sterling NI for learner driver insurance?

There are a number of reasons why you should take out learner driver insurance with us. This includes:

Prices start from 77p per day

Drivers in Northern Ireland can face high insurance costs, but our cover for provisional licence holders can be purchased from as little as 77p a day. This makes our insurance among the cheapest ways to cover learner drivers. We also offer young driver insurance, so you can take out cover with us once you’ve passed your test too.

Policies are available for one, two, three, six or 12 months

Whether your driving test is just around the corner and you want a little extra practise on the roads beforehand or you’ve just started learning to drive, you can choose the duration of your insurance policy. Whether you need cover for 30 days, 90 days, six months or 12 months, we can help.

Accidents will not affect car owner’s no claims bonus

Some insurance policies will let you be added to the vehicle owner’s insurance but their no claims bonus (NCB) would be affected in the event of an accident.

If you’re being insured on someone else’s vehicle with us, our learner driver policies are taken out in the learner’s name, which ensures that the car owner’s no claims bonus is not affected if you do have an accident. Taking your own policy out can also help you build up your no claims bonus, which can lead to lower insurance costs when you pass.

Fully comprehensive cover and third party, fire and theft options available

All policies are fully comprehensive, and annual policies are also offered as third party, fire and theft. Whatever your needs, Sterling NI can help you find a policy to suit your needs until you pass your test.

Monthly payments are possible

Spreading the cost of your insurance couldn’t be easier with Sterling NI. You can spread the costs of your insurance over a number of months if you’d prefer. Perfect for dealing with the high costs of learning to drive.

Claims helpline open 24/7

Our claims helpline is open 24/7, every day of the year. If you do need to report an incident or register a claim, there will be someone at the end of the phone. It doesn’t matter what time it is, someone will be around to take your call day or night.

Which type of insurance should I get?​

Fully comprehensive

This is the highest level of protection you can get and protects you regardless of who is at fault.

Third-party, fire and theft

This covers damage to other people, their cars and their property, as well as your vehicle in the event it gets stolen or damaged by fire.

Third-party only

This will only cover damage to other people, their car, or their property in the event of an incident. This cover is the minimum level of coverage you must get.

Frequently asked questions

How do Sterling NI policies help learner drivers?

Practice outside driving lessons can help learner drivers with confidence building and gaining experience. Sterling NI offers value for money learner driver car insurance that doesn’t compromise on cover.


  • A cost effective way for learners to practice driving. Sterling’s learner driver insurance in Northern Ireland starts from under 77p per day. There’s also the option to move over to young driver insurance once they’ve passed their test.
  • Flexible policies for the length of time you are learning for. Sterling’s policies are available for periods of one, two, three, six or 12 months. As learners edge closer towards the date of their driving test, it is possible to take out insurance on a short term month-by-month basis.
  • Take out learner driver insurance, even if you don’t have your own car. You can be insured on a parent’s or friend’s car to practice your driving. The learner driver policy will operate alongside the existing policy of the relative or friend whose car you’re using.
  • Accidents involving the learner will not affect the car owner’s No Claims Discount. Learner drivers must have a UK provisional driving licence and be accompanied by a driver over the age of 25 who has held a valid UK driving licence for at least three years. If there is an accident with the learner behind the wheel, the incident would not affect the car owner’s insurance or No Claims Discount.
  • Insurance for cars priced under £20,000. The vehicle can be owned by the learner driver, a friend or family member – but it must be valued up to £20,000 and be listed up to insurance group 30.
How much is learner driver insurance?

This depends on various factors, such as where the provisional licence holder lives, the type of car they’ll be driving, and their occupation. At Sterling NI, we try to get learners the best deals possible, with prices starting at 77p a day. Our cheapest learner insurance policies are available over the phone and can’t be found online. Give us a call to find out more.

How does Sterling Insurance help learners save money even after they’ve passed?

Our policy allows learners to build up a no claims bonus, which could make their insurance cheaper when they pass their test. This applies to both our standard young driver insurance policies and black box insurance policies.

How does insurance for learner drivers work?

Learner driver insurance is essentially the same as a standard car insurance policy. The quote the learner driver receives is based on the information provided to us, and the policy provides insurance cover for the car being driven. Whether the car belongs to the provisional licence holder, a relative or a friend.

The key difference is that the learner driver policy will automatically come to an end the moment the learner passes their practical driving test. At this point, the driver will need to take out standard car insurance or young driver insurance. If they are borrowing a friend or relative’s vehicle, they will need to become a named driver on the owner’s policy.

Why pick Sterling NI learner driver insurance?

Sterling NI learner driver insurance works for learners as it gives them the chance to get much-needed practice outside of their lessons with qualified instructors, while making use of a friend or parent’s car.

A learner insured by Sterling NI who has an accident won’t affect the car owner’s insurance. Instead, claims are settled against the learner’s insurance policy, giving parents and friends the peace of mind that their own insurance and NCB will be kept intact.

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