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5th June 2020

The Joys of a British staycation holiday

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You don’t have to go on holiday abroad to see stunning seaside views and visit beautiful landmarks. With its glorious coastline and scenery, the UK is home to some of the best beaches and views in Europe. 

If your holiday plans overseas have been put on hold due to the coronavirus, there’s no reason why you can’t load up your campervan/motorhome or the family car and set out on your summer vacation once you’re allowed to do so.

We asked around the office to find out what people think the most annoying parts of travelling abroad are. Here’s some of the reasons why holidaying in the UK is better than travelling abroad:

No airport drama

Your bags are packed, you’ve arrived at the airport two hours before your flight, you’ve checked in your luggage, narrowly avoiding having to pay more money for the extra weight. That is, before you make your way to security, where you realise the line is so long that you’ll only just make your flight, so you can kiss that McDonald’s breakfast goodbye, as you line up like a cow at a cattle market.

Thankfully when driving a motorhome or campervan, the only thing you need to do is load up the car and check everyone has their seatbelts on before setting off at whatever time you want!

No luggage restrictions


Another gripe holidaymakers have is being charged for taking their clothes abroad with them, despite already paying out a small fortune for your seats.

When holidaying in the UK, there are no luggage restrictions and you’re free to take as much luggage as you want, just as long as it doesn’t make your vehicle capsize. 

No annoying passengers

Ever been stuck on a train or a plane near someone with bad breath or someone who won’t stop moving or sat in front of a kid kicking your chair for the entire journey? 

Well, apart from the kids asking “are we there yet?” you can rest assured that you’ll have little to no drama on your journey – whether you’re going down to the gorgeous coast of Cornwall or Devon, or you’re driving all the way to Fort William in Scotland. 

Minimal delays

There’s nothing worse than having your flight or train delayed, especially after getting up at the crack of dawn to make sure you get there on time. 

Thankfully driving yourself means you are able to get a full night’s sleep, before setting off in the morning. And better yet, you can leave at any time you want.

Fewer surprise costs

One of our team members mentioned he was charged £140 for forgetting his boarding pass once, and many complained about all the costs involved with keeping your car at the airport and inflated prices of taxis overseas.

When you travel around the UK, you already have the street smarts to avoid all these additional charges. Thankfully the only kind of passes you’ll need will be for accessing museums, exhibits, and the like.

Cheaper insurance

Whilst this isn’t a hard and fast rule, you’ll often find that insuring a car in a different country works out more expensive than your insurance at home. And of course, hiring a car abroad means you often have to pre-authorise the excess payment on your credit card. 

Breaking down

Breaking down in a different country can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t speak the language and you’re not familiar with the local area.

At Sterling, we work with over 850 breakdown specialist garages in the UK alone. All you need to do is take out breakdown cover with us and simply give us a call should the worst happen. We’ll arrange for a specialist to meet you at your location and either help you there and then or, if necessary, take your car to the local garage to get it fixed.

We also offer cover on a wide range of European and non-European countries, so when we’re finally able to travel freely, you can get the cover you need.

Not having to leave your precious pooch at home

As any animal lover would agree, the worst part of any trip abroad is leaving your faithful friend behind. Unless you want to make them jump through dozens of hoops just for the chance of taking them on a plane, chances are you usually leave your pet in the UK when you go abroad. But this is the cause of much worry and longing for most pet owners.

If you’re travelling around the UK by car or you’re using your motorhome, it’s easier to take your dog on holiday with you. That means you can enjoy long walks with your dog by your side – of course, you’ll still have to deal with the repercussions when they launch themselves into any pool of muddy water they can find along the way.

You’re in control of your schedule

Travelling by plane or boat means you’ll often face delays, which can eat into your holiday time. And that’s not even mentioning the fact you don’t have access to food (unless, of course, you want to pay £3 for a small can of Pringles) or even water on flights until you’re somehow able to catch the attention of a flight attendant.

But when travelling by car, you control all the details, from the time you set off to the snacks you bring, all the way down to the music you play. You choose when to make a service station stop, and you don’t have to face the harsh realities of a plane bathroom either.

Having to remember items and exchange money

Why is it that travel adaptors always seem to go missing just before your next trip? We all know these necessary gadgets cost a small fortune at the airport, but all too often we find ourselves having to buy a few for each trip, only to add them to an ever-growing pile when we get back home.

Whether you’re looking to get a campervan, motorhome or any other holiday vehicle insured, Sterling has you covered. Our experts are able to offer you great deals for all your travelling needs. Call us on 0344 381 9990 for our best rates.

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