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8th April 2020

Seven great alternative uses for your campervan

From poker to date nights and sleepovers, Sterling provides 7 great ways to keep the family entertained in your campervan.

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When you are not touring there are some great ways you can make use of your campervan when it is sitting redundant on the drive. Here the team at Sterling insurance come up with some great ideas to keep you and your family in seventh heaven. 


1 Date night:

Why not make the most of the sanctuary offered by your campervan with a romantic meal for two? Dress to impress, take a bottle of wine and settle down for a romantic night in your home from home.

If the kitchenette in your van is modest and only good for beans on toast, you can even prepare the meal in your home and carry it across. For ease of prep, plan a cold starter and ready made desert and then you only have to worry about keeping the main course warm.

Dress the table with the best cloth, cutlery, crockery and glasses. Play some soft music and dim the lights. With great food and the intimate company of the person you love in your bijou bistro setting, what’s not to like? 

And when the night is over there will be no faffing about worrying about who will drive or booking a cab because home is just a few footsteps away. 


2 Sleepover:

Children love camping, campervans and sleepovers so what better for them than a sleepover with you and the siblings in the campervan while it is parked in the safety of your drive. 

Bring their favourite teddies, plenty of snacks, games and a couple of DVDs to keep them amused and you are guaranteed a family sleepover to remember.


3 Cleaning challenge:

It shouldn’t be too long before you head out for your first road trip of the summer so make the most of your time by making your van fit for purpose.

Give it a good spring clean, even a lick of paint or varnish where needed and involve the children, they will love helping.


4 Convert it into a classroom (or office):

If you are finding it hard to work from home, or the children aren’t taking too kindly to home-schooling, it may be because you all associated home with R&R.

If this is the case it would be better to go to a proper classroom or office. That’s where the campervan can come in so handy.

Get it kitted out with everything you need for a hard day’s study or work. Laptops, reference books, printer, you can move everything from the house for the day and you will probably be able to pick up your household wifi signal for uninterrupted connectivity. You could even get yourself a blackboard to make things look really school-like.

It’s better to be safe than sorry so remember to relocate your computer gear back into the house at the end of the day. 

5 Pub night:

Missing the company of your mates and the banter of your favourite bar? Organise a virtual  pub night in your motorhome and recreate that atmosphere. 

Stock up the van with your favourite tipple, even if it happens to be tea, and then take your laptop and get all your friends to log in to one of the conferencing sites such as Zoom

What do you fancy tonight? Pub quiz? Just a joke and a chat? Everything and anything is possible.


6 Indoor league:

Does anyone remember Indoor League, the 70’s day-time TV show hosted by ex England cricket legend Fred Trueman? It featured all sorts of games including darts, pool, bar billiards, skittles, table football, arm wrestling, and shove ha’penny. 

You could set up your own family Indoor League with games you and your children could enjoy playing in the fairly limited space in your camper.

Beer pong (or fruit juice pong), blow football, Scalextric and shove ha’penny — perhaps using 10 pence pieces — would be easy to recreate. But avoid the arm wrestling, we don’t want you to crush little Billy’s fingers!

7 Refuge:

Your campervan is the perfect place to self isolate, take refuge, recover and recuperate. And all the while you will know that loved ones are just a few steps away and there to help should the need arise. 

With your campervan being so versatile it makes good sense to keep it well protected. Whether you use it for short weekend breaks or travel further afield, Sterling can find an insurance policy to suit your needs at a price you can afford. Policies start from £165 a year but for the very best prices call 0344 381 9990.

All makes and models of motorhome and campervan are covered and benefits of Sterling insurance include:

  • Cover for personal possessions up to the value of £2,000
  • European cover for up to 90 days (longer trips can be covered)
  • Breakdown cover, camping gear, keycare, misfueling are all available as ooptional extras
  • Short term cover available
  • The claims hotline is open 24/7

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