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campervan cooking
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14th October 2020

Campervan cooking? We have the recipe for success

Recipe for success: Sterling insurance’s top tips for making campervan cooking as stress-free as possible on your well earned holiday.

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There’s nothing like the great outdoors to give you an appetite but campervan cooking presents very different challenges from cooking in the comfort of your fitted kitchen at home.

As well as restricted space, there are limited appliances and usually only two rings… and let’s face it, in this country it can’t always be barbecue weather.

Our outward bound experts at Sterling Insurance have come up with the perfect recipe to help make campervan cooking as stress-free as it should be when you are on your well-earned holiday.

campervan cooking

Tips for stress-free campervan cooking

  • Prepare. Draw up a checklist of the utensils and equipment you are likely to need – don’t forget a can opener and corkscrew – and keep a stock of staple store cupboard ingredients. Make sure you have items for quick convenience meals, such as soups and canned produce. Check out Towsure’s guide of kitchen utensils for your campervan.
  • Be aware of food shelf life. Keep an eye on use by dates as the last thing you want is food going off and making the whole campervan smell. has a guide to help you make the most of food before its shelf life expires.  
  •  Be imaginative. If you only have two cooking rings, think of one-pot recipes to serve with rice, potatoes or pasta. You may even want to consider paper plates and plastic cutlery to cut down on the washing up – they’re lighter too.
  • Make the most of fresh local produce. Pick your own farms and local farmers’ markets offer a good day out and also provide the tastiest, freshest produce, helping you make the best of local ingredients. Produce can often work out cheaper and they enable you to explore the countryside. Here is a guide to help you find your closest pick your own farm.
  • Buy low wattage equipment, such as a kettle or toaster. They are specially designed to meet the power supply of the campervan and will save overloading the electrics. Go Outdoors has a range of specialist cooking equipment for campervans.
  • Supplement your two cooking rings with a barbecue. You could even consider a compact gas barbecue which will mean even a barbie breakfast of sausage and bacon can be on the menu!

Why not invest in a campervan recipe cook book?

There are a number of fantastic cookery books on the market that make the most of the limited space in campervan kitchens while providing delicious, nutritious meal ideas.

Here are just some of the recipe books available from Amazon.

  • The Camper Van Cookbook: Life on 4 Wheels, Cooking on Two Rings is designed for campervan users but can be easily translated for life in a caravan. It has lots of meal ideas for every occasion and checklists for essential bits of kit.
  • 2 Pan Cooking: For Caravans , Motor Homes, Boats and Other Small Spaces is a cookbook that takes into consideration the space limitations and open plan living in caravans. It provides recipes that are easy to make and require little space or little equipment.
  • Caravan Cooking by Monica Rivron has a retro feel to it. A caravanning cookbook written for the family by a family, who love food and love caravanning. The recipes are designed to produce delicious meals without having to spend hours slaving away in a hot, confined kitchen.

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