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17th March 2021

6 tips for planning a campervan holiday on a tight budget

The outward bound team at Sterling insurance offer some timely advice on how to plan a great campervan holiday without spending a fortune.

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If you are lucky enough to already own a campervan it’s fairly easy to plan a campervan holiday on a tight budget, but if you need to hire a recreational vehicle you could be talking telephone numbers. 

Here the outward bound team at Sterling insurance offer some timely advice on how to plan a great campervan holiday without spending a fortune.

1. Campervan holiday hire

Shop around and try to rent a private motorhome instead of approaching a company. Renting privately for your campervan holiday could save you at least a third of the rental fees, even more if you hire from someone you already know. 

It will also be cheaper if you rent the van earlier or later in the season and avoid the busy school holiday period. 

Private renters may also be more willing to do a deal and offer discounts for long term bookings.

Don’t be over-ambitious, look for a modest campervan which will be cheaper to hire. You don’t need all the bells and bows of the latest Mercedes tourer! As long as it’s got a reliable engine, sufficient sleeping accommodation, small kitchen area and storage space it will be good enough for a week or two in the sun. 

You’ll spend most of the time outside enjoying the weather and the environment anyway so size won’t matter that much on your campervan holiday.

campervan holiday

2. Plan your campervan holiday destination carefully

Most people like the security of staying on a recognised campsite but you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to stay somewhere with extra  facilities such as pools, clubhouses, restaurants, amusement arcades, entertainment and shops. 

While the pool would be nice for a daily dip, the sea is normally better, you’ll be tempted to spend on expensive drinks at the bar, the amusements will be a waste of money with short-lived thrills and the shop will be way pricier than what’s on offer in the nearby towns. 

And work out how far you want to travel. While fuel has come down in price recently, if you are planning a long trek up to the Scottish Highlands it will put a considerable hole in your holiday budget so it  might be a good idea to stay a little closer to home.

3. Dine with discernment

Half the fun of a campervan holiday is cooking in unusual circumstances. Modest meals are easily prepared on a double burner and can be supplemented by a barbecue which all the family loves. 

Plan your meals in advance and cock a snook at the takeaways and restaurants. Imagine how wonderful those seaside fish and chips will taste if you save them for an end of week treat.

4. Have fun in the sun

There’s a whole world of adventure out there waiting to be discovered on your campervan holiday. Research the area you are visiting in advance and work out what you can do and where you can go for free. 

And, if you’re travelling with children, pack balls, bikes and all the outdoor equipment that will keep them entertained while you are away. Don’t forget a couple of books and indoor games too, just in case the weather is inclement. 

campervan holiday

5. Stick to your campervan holiday budget

Set yourself a daily budget and remember, if you keep within it during the first part of your holiday, you will be able to splash out a little towards the end. Budget the kids’ pocket money too otherwise they may end up blowing the lot on day one and having to go without the rest of the week.

6. Make sure you have sufficient insurance

If this is your first campervan holiday it would be easy to overlook something dull like insurance but that would be a big mistake. 

If something goes wrong it will provide a great deal of peace of mind that you have the correct insurance in place to protect you, the campervan and all your camping gear.

Talk to the experts at Sterling insurance to find out about their cheap campervan holiday insurance deals. 

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