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14th December 2022

Why learner drivers should download the FourFive app right now

From tracking your lessons to giving you the information you need after you pass your test, we explore the many different reasons you should download the FourFive learner driver app.

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Seen the FourFive learner driver app on the App or Play Store but not sure whether you should download it? In this blog, we explain why the FREE FourFive app is a great source of learning for learner drivers. Read the benefits of the app below and get downloading now!

1. FREE app that offers all the features you’d find in a paid-for app – and more

FourFive is absolutely FREE. Looking at the incredible list of features offered by the app, this probably comes as quite a surprise as even most paid-for apps won’t offer the same number of features that FourFive includes.

Take a look at the table below to find out just how many features FourFive offers compared to its competitors with premium price tags.

FourFive comparison table

2. Plenty of official DVSA content, from hazard perception practice tests to theory test quizzes

FourFive includes an incredible amount of official DVSA content so you can learn on the go from official sources. This includes hazard perception practice tests, theory test quizzes, Highway Code information, and questions and answers to the ‘Show me, tell me’ part of the driving test. And what’s more amazing is that FourFive is 100% FREE and available to download on the App and Play Stores.

3. Tracks your driving lessons and private practice

Ford steering wheel with hand on wheel

You’ve probably heard the DVSA recommendation of 45 hours with a driving instructor and a further 22 hours’ practising with your family or friends. But it’s all too easy to lose track of the hours you’ve spent on the road unless you’re making a conscious effort to track them.

The FourFive app offers an easy, pain-free way of tracking the time you’ve spent learning how to drive. It tells you your average speed, the miles and time you’ve spent driving, and allows you to see at a glance who you’ve been driving with too.

4. Helps you understand where you might need more practise

FourFive download banner - App Store

Once you’ve tracked a lesson or private practice session, there’s plenty of information you can see about the journey and your driving. This includes:

  • The types of roads you travelled on (e.g. urban or rural)
  • The weather conditions while you were driving
  • The different manoeuvres you practised on your journey
  • Feedback for your drive, including any areas of improvement

Better yet, feedback is marked on the map so you know exactly where you might have gone wrong, making it a great way to prepare for your next lesson or when running through a mock test on a driving test route.

You can also review any areas of improvement through our app; we have plenty of information on manoeuvres, stopping distances, and other areas where learners struggle.

5. Includes masterclasses from driving instructors

FourFive download banner - Play Store

Getting information from a reputable source is important, which is why we offer masterclasses from driving instructors. This might include a few people you already know, such as TheYoungInstructor. These founts of wisdom use their years of driving and teaching experience to teach you safe driving techniques, including short videos on:

  • Roundabout basics
  • Hazard awareness, including how to read the road ahead and how to react to different hazards
  • Driving manoeuvres, including the emergency stop, parallel parking, and more
  • Guides to the show me, tell me questions

6. Daily news feed with quizzes, tips, and Highway Code reminders

A small check-in each day can amount to big progress over time. The FourFive learner driver app includes a daily news feed filled to the brim with useful tips and information, as well as interactive quizzes. Spending just a few minutes on the feed each day can help to boost your understanding of the Highway Code significantly.

7. Tons of theory test quizzes

Young woman by the wheel looking at the camera

If you’re worried about the theory test or you simply want to remind yourself of the rules of the road, you’ll find plenty of theory test quizzes for you to test your knowledge with.

8. Genuine DVSA hazard perception practice tests

The hazard perception test is often one of the areas that trips learner drivers up. Thankfully, the FourFive app includes over 30 hazard perception practice tests for you to familiarise yourself with these types of tests.

9. Plenty of information you need to know for your driving test and beyond

Person in the driving seat

Not only does the FourFive app have a plethora of information on the driving test, but it also has information you’ll probably need to know after you’ve passed your test. This includes things like how to change a tyre, what to do if your car breaks down, and what to do once you’ve passed your test.

10. Advanced driver quizzes help you test your knowledge further

Not only do we offer theory test quizzes, but we also offer advanced driver quizzes. This is perfect not just for drivers wanting to become an advanced driving instructor (ADI), but also those who simply want to improve their skills on the road once they’ve passed.

11. Helps you know when you’re ready to take your test

As you can use the FourFive app to track your private practice sessions and lessons with your driving instructor, you can see how many hours you’ve spent on the road and what kinds of conditions you’ve driven in. This can help you understand when you’re ready to take your test and which areas you still need to get more experience in.

Download the FourFive app for help passing your driving test

To download the FourFive learner driver app, visit the Play Store or App Store.

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