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driving lessons
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26th November 2020

Driving lessons with mum or dad? 10 tips to help you survive

Learning to drive and getting extra experience in your parents’ car? Here are 10 tips to help you survive driving lessons with mum or dad.

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Some people say that driving is all about confidence, the confidence of the learner and the confidence of the instructor sitting next to you. That is certainly the case if you’re having driving lessons with your mum or dad. 

You need to let their confidence grow in order to get the best out of them as an instructor and there are a number of ways to help you do this. Here are Sterling’s 10 tips to help you survive driving lessons with mum or dad.

1 Let them choose the soundtrack for your driving lessons

Most people relax with a little music, but keep it in the background when you’re having driving lessons. Go for Classic FM, which is a little more soothing on the senses, rather than Fist Full of Metal which will probably have the side panels of the doors reverberating even with the volume turned very low. 

2 Don’t take it personally if they yell at you

Driving lessons can be tense affairs. Your parents will probably be frightened, very, very frightened. You are, at the end of the day, their baby, even if you happen to be a 20 year-old 17 stone prop forward at the local rugby club. That fear very often manifests itself with a short temper and a loud voice. Try not to react to it, instead keep calm and focused on the road.

3 Mistakes happen on driving lessons 

Accept the fact that you will make mistakes. Don’t feel like a failure, instead regard your mistakes as driving lessons learned. Discuss them over a coffee when you get home and ask for advice and extra practice on where you went wrong.

driving lessons

4 Eyes on the road

If during the course of your lesson with mum or dad you see someone you know, don’t wave, nod, flash, pip your horn or otherwise acknowledge them. It’s better to show mum or dad that you are totally absorbed by the job in hand, learning to drive safely, and that you are devoid of other-world distractions.

5 You’re driving the car they love

Remember, you are probably driving their car, their pride and joy and they have probably invested a lot of time, love and money into it, so treat it with respect during your driving lessons and they will respect you for it.

6 Make a show before you go

Before you pull away, make a big deal of adjusting the seat, mirrors and checking nothing is coming. Even if you are doing it with your eyes closed, it will put your parents a little more at ease to know you are getting thoroughly prepared for your driving lessons. 

7 Absolutely no distractions on your driving lessons

Make a big deal of turning your phone off and stick it in the glove box for good measure. Every parent thinks their offspring spend too much time on TikTok, Facebook, Whatsapp and the like, so this will make them think learning to drive has helped concentrate and prioritise your ambitions in a more mature manner.

8 So how did you perform?

After your driving lessons, take time to talk about how you drove, raise concerns you may have about your performance or perhaps manouvres that you are not confident in and ask for feedback and advice from them. It will make mum and dad think you really are willing to learn and that you trust and value their words of wisdom, even if it makes your eyes glaze over.

9 Go the extra mile to convince them you care

Offer to wash and hoover the car before driving lessons. It will give them even more confidence and convince them that you are proud of the vehicle and that you want to look after it, both when it is sat on the drive and when you are behind the wheel. 

driving lessons

10 Remember you are insured

If the worst thing happens on your driving lessons with mum or dad and you have a prang, it will be good to know you have the right insurance in place. Sterling Learner Driver insurance costs from as little as 77p a day and your policy can last for as long or as short a period as you need to learn and pass your test.

If you don’t have a suitably responsible experienced driver to help you learn, you can find an instructor near you on this Government website.

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