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French phrases
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18th July 2022

20 helpful French phrases for your driving holiday in France

Heading off on your first post Covid driving holiday in France? Here are 20 essential phrases that could help if you find yourself in trouble.

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If you are venturing off to Europe in your car on your first post-Covid trip this summer, you might be in need of a few helpful French phrases in case you get into difficulties.

British tourists are notorious at not being able to speak the local lingo when abroad so, to save you the trouble of investing in a phrase book and the embarrassment of not being able to articulate your needs, the team at Sterling have come up with some helpful French phrases that may just get you out of trouble while travelling in your car in France. 

French phrases

Sterling’s 20 helpful French phrases

Be it directions to the beach, the best roads on which to avoid autoroute tolls, or directions to the nearest filling station, here are Sterling’s helpful French phrases which have been supplied, no expense spared, by Google’s very handy translation tool.

  1. Where is the nearest petrol station? Où est la station essence la plus proche?
  1. Can you help me with my puncture? Pouvez-vous m’aider avec ma crevaison?
  1. Where can I buy a vehicle emissions sticker for my car? Où puis-je acheter une vignette antipollution pour ma voiture?
  1. I didn’t realise I needed to redirect the beam of my headlights for driving in France. Je ne savais pas que je devais rediriger le faisceau de mes phares pour conduire en France.
  1. Which way to Euro Disney? Comment aller à l’Euro Disney ?
  1. My car has overheated, can you help? Ma voiture a surchauffé, pouvez-vous m’aider?
  1. Can you show me the way? Pouvez-vous me montrer le chemin?
  1. I’m hungry. Where can I get something to eat? J’ai faim. Où puis-je trouver quelque chose à manger?
  1. When does the garage open? Quand ouvre le garage?
  1. Could you help me, my battery is dead? Pourriez-vous m’aider, ma batterie est morte?
  1. Excuse me, you’ve just crashed into my car. Excusez-moi, vous venez de percuter ma voiture.
  1. Can I buy some windscreen washer fluid? Puis-je acheter du liquide lave-glace?
  1. Which way to avoid the toll road? Comment éviter la route à péage?
  1. Where is the closest beach?  Où est la plage la plus proche?
French phrases

15. Where is the police station, I need to report an accident? Où est le poste de police, je dois déclarer un accident?

16. Could you give me the English football results? Pourriez-vous me donner les résultats du football Anglais?

17. Where can I get a full English breakfast? Où puis-je prendre un petit-déjeuner Anglais complet?

18. I need to catch up on Emmerdale. Do you know where I can watch it?  Je dois rattraper Emmerdale. Savez-vous où je peux le regarder?

19. I have an upset tummy. Do you know where the closest toilets are?  J’ai un ventre bouleversé. Savez-vous où se trouvent les toilettes les plus proches?

20. Have you seen my wife? We argued over directions and she wandered off in a rage… Avez-vous vu ma femme. Nous nous sommes disputés sur les directions et elle s’est égarée dans une rage…

And one extra French phrase for luck

21. Thank goodness I have Sterling Insurance Green Card cover. Dieu merci, j’ai une couverture Sterling Insurance Carte Vert.

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