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8th March 2022

Clever campervan bed ideas for your next project

Space saving, convenient, comfortable – this blog explains all your options for campervan beds that will give you a good night’s sleep.

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The campervan bed is one of the most important considerations when it comes to planning the layout of your perfect touring vehicle. 

Which type of bed you choose – whether it’s  a permanent fixed bed or a space-saving fold out jobby – will depend very much on the size of your vehicle and the number of people you are planning to accommodate.

In this blog the campervan insurance experts at Sterling insurance try to help you get a good night’s sleep on your next road trip by giving you some ideas on which campervan bed to choose for your next project.

campervan bed

1. Fixed beds are a firm favourite

A fixed campervan bed is the simplest way to provide sleeping space in your cvan. A mattress is usually fitted onto a wooden platform to provide a sturdy bed with lots of storage space beneath it, which is an added bonus. 

The bed will be there and ready to use, which is great if you need some shut eye to break a long journey or if you arrive at your destination late at night.

The disadvantage of a fixed bed is its permanence. It means you may be compromised for space and have little room for regular seating and dining areas or for a decent kitchenette. 

2. Rock and roll beds are a great option

A rock and roll camper bed is a design that doubles as living space during the day and then converts into a bed at night. It’s usually a sofa that flips out with drop down support legs to form a bed when you need it. It’s a great way to make the most of the limited space available in your camper.  

The drawback is that every night you’ll need to make up your bed, and then every morning you will need to unmake it again. There is a wide selection of rock and roll beds on the market, if your DIY skills aren’t quite up to the job. 

3. Table beds provide extra storage space

The table bed can be used for living and dining space during the day and, like the rock and roll bed, it folds away at night to create a comfortable place to sleep. The main thing to note is that you’ll need space to comfortably fit the table part of your camper bed when it’s not in use and you’ll have to make and unmake it each time you use it. This makes it a good option for medium-sized campers and those who don’t mind setting up their bed even after long drives.

4. Pulldown camper beds are clever and convenient

Pulldown camper beds are fixed to the ceiling rather than the wall of your campervan and are another great use of the space available. This can be a lightweight single child’s bed or a more robust double to sleep a couple. 

5. Bench beds for smaller campervans

Smaller campervan conversions might suit a bench bed, or flip bench bed, which provides Ottoman-style seating during the day and a double bed at night when you fold out the bench seat. You’ll need storage space for your mattress, pillows and bedding during the day and, once again, you will have to be prepared to make it each time you use it. 

6. Bunk beds can be fixed or pull out

Children love bunk beds and you can get a fixed set or a flip-out set that fits flush to the van wall when not in use. A fixed set is great for younger children that need to sleep earlier and a flip-out set is better for teenagers who like to stay up late on their holiday. 

7. Roof beds are great for saving space

You can make the most of the space available above your head by fitting a double roof bed in a pop top. Alternatively, specialist manufacturers supply roof top tents. These are a great way to provide extra sleeping space in smaller campers, but probably not advisable for anyone prone to sleepwalking. 

campervan bed

8. Hammocks can be strung up in no time

A hammock is a great space saving form of campervan bed that can be strung up in seconds, though they can be a little difficult to get used to sleeping in. There is a wide selection of hammocks for campervans on the market.

Don’t forget the dog’s campervan bed

One of the joys of a campervan holiday is being able to take the dog with you, so you should bear them in mind when you are considering sleeping arrangements. 

Not everyone likes to share a bed with their pet so plan the positioning of your dog’s bed carefully. In a strange environment, your pet would be comforted to know you are close by, so you could position their bed beneath a table bed. Unless its size prohibits it, try to pack your dog’s bed from home when you set out on your trip as this will have a familiar scent. 

campervan bed

Try Sterling campervan insurance for a good night’s sleep

Whichever campervan bed you opt for, we reckon you’ll get a better night’s sleep with peace of mind campervan insurance. Call Sterling on 0344 381 9990 for a swift no obligation quote. 

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