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30th June 2020

What type of road tripper are you?

Car Insurance from just £125 per year

Going on a staycation holiday is fun, the bags are packed, the car is loaded and you’re ready to go, but 20 miles into your journey it hits you. The person you’re travelling with has several annoying car habits. 

With millions of UK citizens set for a staycation holiday this year in light of the Covid-19 outbreak, we’ve created a quiz for you to take to figure out what type of road tripper you are.

Are you the driver who has everything prepared from food to fuel, the driver who travels somewhere on a whim hoping for the best, or are you the annoying passenger? 

Because let’s face it whether your journey lasts for 40 miles, 100 miles or even 250 miles, there’s always that one person who does something that gets on your nerves, whether it’s tapping the dashboard, chewing loudly or they’ve created a horrible playlist for you all to listen to.  

If you have decent breakdown cover your insurer will come to the rescue after sustaining any damage. Sterling Rescue breakdown cover, for example, costs from just £46.80 a year, which is cheaper than other major breakdown insurance firms and a fraction of the cost of regular garage call out and repair fees.

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