Why Banger Rallies?

Sterling Insurance is a specialist motor insurance broker which aims to custom craft value-for-money policies to help empower your passions. And if your passion is banger rallies you can be confident that no-one will try harder than us to find you the best deal, no matter what you drive, no matter where the rally takes you.

We are banger rally veterans and we decided to specialise in banger rally insurance schemes after hitting the streets in the Ramshackle Rally and the Scally Rally several years ago. We loved the experience, the camaraderie, the excitement and exploits, the challenge, visiting new countries and making new friends.

But it also gave us the perfect insight into what makes the perfect insurance policy for you. We are now delighted to support a number of international banger rallies including:

  • Barcelona Bangers
  • Benidorm or Bust
  • Motorscape Rally
  • Motorscape Venice
  • Scrumrun
  • Twoball Rally
  • Wacky Rally
  • White Hat Rally

Whichever rally you are planning total part in, see for yourself what makes Sterling insurance the No 1 choice for banger rally insurance by getting a quote today.

Our customers look to us for motor insurance with real added value, at a price they can afford, and with a level of service that exceeds all expectations.

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Our Banger Rally Policy

Sterling Insurance can cover any car of any value, from seven days to three months. What’s more we can offer cover more or less anywhere the banger rally takes you in Europe and beyond. Sterling banger rally insurance is streets ahead in terms of cover and affordability and couldn’t be simpler to organise.