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29th May 2019

A guide to learner driver insurance

Learning to drive is part of life’s journey but finding affordable car learner driver insurance can be hard to find.

Car Insurance from just £125 per year

Learning to drive is part of life’s journey but finding affordable car learner driver insurance can be hard to find.

The high cost of learner insurance often forces teenagers to sacrifice levels of cover or hold off driving for several years, until they can better afford it.

Sterling supports younger drivers by finding affordable and reliable car insurance for learner drivers from a range of providers. This starts with insurance for learner drivers holding a provisional licence – also known as provisional licence insurance – which costs from as little as 75 pence a day.

Our car insurance for learner drivers is flexible, and policies can be taken out on a month-by-month basis. That means you only pay for the insurance you need, until you pass your driving test, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

The length of time spent learning to drive varies but the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) suggests people typically pass their test after 45 hours of professional tuition alongside 22 hours of private tuition with family or friends.

The vehicle used for private tuition can be owned by the learner or a friend or family member and cover can be fully comprehensive or third party, fire and theft.

The insured car must be valued at no more than £20,000 and it must be no higher than insurance group 30. These tend to be less powerful cars more suitable for learners.  

If an accident does happen with the learner driver at the wheel causing accidental damage to someone else’s car, it will not affect the owner’s no claims discount – the money saved on a policy because of a previously established safe driving record.

Once the learner driver has passed their test the learner driver insurance ends and the newly qualified driver will need to take out new driver insurance, young driver insurance or black box insurance which is sometimes called telematics insurance or smart box insurance. 

If they are using a friend or relative’s vehicle, they will need to become a named driver on the owner’s policy.

Great cover is just a quick phone call away because Sterling will already have your details and will be able to swiftly arrange your new policy.

Sterling’s best learner driver insurance deals are available over the phone. To find out how much learner driver insurance will cost you, call Sterling on 0344 381 9990 or use the online form to book a call-back at a time that suits you.

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